After a successful operation for uterine cancer the surgeon only recommended follow-up radiotherapy; it was not prescribed as being necessary. However the God Complex oncology doctor coerced and frightened this lady, who did not want the treatment in the first place, into enduring a long period of unpleasant and painful external as well as internal radiotherapy. This was incorrectly administered and incredibly, not seriously monitored. It was asked if the lady could stop the treatment as she was suffering so much. This was refused by the raadiologists who, like the oncologist, frightened the lady into continuing. Despite the damage it was doing they continued with the treatment. The result being she was badly burned during the treatment and her pelvis was irreparably damaged with serious osteoradionecrosis. (multiple fractures) Throughout the treatment and subsequent weeks the God Complex Oncologist refused to acknowledge things had gone horribly wrong. She ignored many pleas for help from GPs, and uncaringly accused the lady of daring to question her decisions and not trusting her. Consequently through the resultant disability she lost her job, as Head of Modern Foreign Languages at a private school, because her employer refused to help her get back to work. She lost her ability to run marathons among many other regular physical pastimes. A conclusion/excuse was eventually made that the all the damage and suffering was caused by an ‘unknown pre-existing condition’ and was nothing to do with the God Complex oncologist’s decisions and attitude. A legal action taken out against the NHS Trust failed because of the Bolam decision.