A Little Lite Reading
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From their hiding place in the hall shadows Detective-Inspector Grimes and Detective (Acting) Sergeant Blenkinsop hurled themselves on the unsuspecting figure who had just appeared from the dining room.  Despite the oft repeated advice from a previous cellmate at ‘The Scrubs’ on how to avoid ‘being taken’, Darby Flackers, age 39, of Stalingrad Mansions, Wapping, persisted in pursuing his own particular and somewhat bizarre method of disguise during his housebreaking activities throughout the long summer evenings. He never fully comprehended why he was continually being caught and later in the solitude of his police cell he contemplated on the possible flaw in his recently used disguise. Despite assurances from the constabulary that, “There ain’t no farver chrissmas, Darby ol’ bean, ‘speshly not in August” he was already formulating his next escapade.
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Burglars of Note Number 1346 - Full report Page 17
Darby Flackers